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Our skin analyst will check on the condition of your skin and moisture level with the magnifying lamp to find the best facial program for each client. Also, depending on the skin condition of the day the treatment is provided, we will adjust and customize the treatment suitable for the needs of your skin. You can also pick the product for your skin’s need such as Vitamin C, Oxygen, Moisturizer, and Antioxidant to make your own facial. 

Miho Sakagami, LE, MA

Skin Specialist & Founder


Miho is a native of Tokyo, Japan. She speaks fluent English and Japanese. Over the past 9 years she became a licensed esthetician and a licensed counselor in the state of Washington.


For a long time, Miho had difficulty finding effective products for her acne-prone skin and suffered from dryness and irritation from using harsh chemical products. Miho wanted to find a better solution, and so decided to become an esthetician.


Through her experience as a counselor, she learned that many people have forgotten how to be happy and relaxed.


She believes everyone should make time to take care of themselves both physically and psychologically. Thus, Holistic Spa KIREI was born!

Miho uses only natural plant or mineral derived ingredients, not those from animals or petroleum. These unique products use special delivery mechanisms that enhance skin penetration so you can see a great result with no irritation.

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