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All of package treatment is valid for 1 year

Cancellation Policy: 50% of the scheduled treatment price will be charged if the appointment is not cancelled with 24 hrs advance notice. Also, please note that 75% of the scheduled treatment price will be charged for No Show (missed appointment without notice).

The Finggy Super Collagen Facial
​75 min - $210
Package Price (x 4) - $800


-Cleansing, steaming, exfoliation are all included before this treatment.

 NEW!! Super Agaru Facial
​75 min - $210
Package Price (x 4) - $800

"KIREI" Signature Facial
​45 min - $95

Package Price (x 4) - $340


60 min signature facial including the skin analysis, cleansing, a basic serum, and mask with neck and shoulder massage.

All product will be selected for your skin condition.


ADD ON SERUM: plus $5

Antioxydant serum

Co-Q10 serum

Retinol serum

Moisture boost serum

Oxygen boost serum

"HOSHITSU" Facial - Dry Skin Facial
​75 min - $135

Package Price (x 4) - $500


In Japanese, the word "HOSHITSU" refers to moisturizing, hydrating, and revitalizing. This facial treatment provides Hydrating facial including ultra gentle cleanser, antioxidants serums with special mask for dehydrated skin.

"KIREI" Signature + Vitamin C Facial 
​75 min - $135
Package Price (x 4) - $500


This treatment is a combination of KIREI Signature and Vitamin C Facial.

"BIHAKU" Facial - Hyper Pigmentation
​75 min - $155
Package Price (x 4) - $580

"BIHAKU" means whitening in Japanese. This facial is perfect for skin with sun damaged/aging spots. Without using any toxic or chemical, by using several serums including Vitamin C and E, this facial works to fade the appeaance of discoloration and visible sun damage.  It also helps to protect having more brown spots on your skin for future.


This treatment is recommended for a series of (4) treatments to achieve the maximum result.

"AGARU" Facial - Anti Aging
​75 min - $165
Package Price (x 4) - $620

In Japanese, the word "AGARU" refers to "Lift up" . This facial provids Anti Aging facial treatment including cleansing, special serums and face lift up mask. Our product  with the best technology help your aging skin for lift-up, smoother and firmer skin.

Neck and shoulder massage is also included.

"SAYONARA" Facial - Acne Treatment
​60 min - $120
Package Price (x 4) - $440

In Japanese, "SAYONARA" refers to "good-bye". This facial provides Anti Acne facial treatment including pore clearing cleanser, oil control serums with pumpkin and white tea activator. This special combination helps minimize enlarged pores, skin color and smooth away roughness without irritation. 

Treatment is recommended for oily skin.

High-frequency treatment is included. 

Keratolyse Facial - Vegetable Peeling
​120 min - $165

Package Price (x 3) - $465


This vegetable peel treatment is to remove the barrier formed by the keratinized cells (dead cells). It stimulates cell division without any irritation to the skin and gives you a younger and beautiful skin.

This is recommended for a series of (3) treatments. Provided only Fall through Spring for the maximum result.


Ideal to combat :aging skin, fine line, wrinkle, thickness of the skin, and dyhidration

Lymph Massage
​30 min - $85
Package Price (x 4) - $300

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